Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Twinks Billy Cole and Kris Van Alstein play with a dildo

Just two hot and hunky guys hanging out and with sex on their minds.  Idle conversation takes a turn as Kris Van Alstein takes notice of a certain sex toy Billy Cole has left out on his coffee table.  Billy takes the dildo and begins teasing his sexy guest.  Kris is not shy and suggestively takes that big sex toy in his mouth.   Preferring the real thing, Kris soon gets his mouth filled with Billy's thick uncut cock.After sucking and slurping each other's hard uncut dicks, Billy puts that Dildo to better use in Kris's hot ass.  Kris spreads his mounds wide and takes it, his ass craving the real thing.  When Kris is ready, Billy delivers... a hot and searing fuck, drilling Kris's ass deep and hard.  Kris is on his back taking that meat when his cock erupts.  He soaks himself in his own drenching load.  Once spent, Kris gets on his knees to take even more hot cum as Billy strokes a thick wad on his face and down his chest.

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