Friday, November 28, 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kinky emo twink with horse dildo - amateur video

This kinky emo twink needs a giant horse dildo to satisfy him.

Full Depth with Brian Bonds and Manuel Olveyra

Watch Brian Bonds convert Manuel Olveyra from a fisting newbie to a nasty, needy punch slut! Brian strokes his meaty cock with one hand while working Manuel's ass with the other. The puckered, pink flesh takes a lot of effort to open up wide like a good fistpig's should, and Brian pushes Manuel to the brink of his limits. This is the biggest hole-busting workout Manuel's ever had! After stretching Manuel farther than ever before, Brian finally gets what he wants a gaping, wide-open ring. Brian grabs his throbbing cock and teases the rim of Manuel's aching man hole. Taking it to the next level, Brian smacks his thick shaft right into the crack between Manuel's ass cheeks, and the lube stretches from skin to skin like massive strings of precum. Putting his fist deep into Manuel's hole again, Brian jerks out a load that plummets down towards the camera, like you've been lying there on your back this whole time waiting to catch that hot load in your mouth.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Boy Toys with Alessio Romero and Sean Duran

Sean is on his way to his Master where his ass will no longer be his. He's nervous as hell but walks into the vacant warehouse where all the fun will begin. Alessio greets him and they have a stare down until Alessio is ready to break in his ass. With so many toys to choose from they begin with a 3 rounded butt plug. Alessio bends Sean over and lubes up his ass for what is just the warm up for bigger things to come. Alessio works it in nice and tight fucking Sean with his toy but he's ready for level two and out comes a metal poll with a nub at the end of it that he slowly twists into Sean's ass. Sean loves every minute of his ass being fucked with all sorts of toys. Alessio has full control over Sean's round sexy ass and he is utilizing the time very wisely. After the toys have had their fun its time for some real cock deep inside Sean's ass which he is finally ready for. All the toys and fucking make for an insane blast of hot tasty cum. Enjoy!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Twink Aaron Aurora takes three cocks up his ass - triple penetration

Twink Aaron Aurora gets his ass-hole stretched by three cocks at once. How he manages to take all that dick in one go will forever remain a mystery, but it’s the performance of a lifetime – and something you’re gonna be wanking off to for a very long time!

Suffice it to say it’s not long before Aurora’s on his knees and taking every drop of jizz those same three cocks can muster, leaving him all creamed out and totally satisfied!

Starring Aaron Aurora, Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Matthews.
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