Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Silas' Perverse Torments with Casper Ellis and Silas Rise

With Casper's pucker on display, with his legs chained up to the ceiling, Casper's ass will be used, opened and stretched to accommodate Silas' hand and the most part of his forearm, to the extent of the boy cumming with barely any need of Silas' assistance.

Wild Part 2 with Axel Abysse, JP Philips and Philip Logan

On a rock by the river, Axel reconnects with the elements as he gets his hole punched. The pigs then release all their fluids in communion with nature...

Monday, February 10, 2020

Hungry Holes with Denis Skala and Daniel Karrington - fisting twinks

Denis has done his homework on Daniel and knows that his hole is capable of more than just a dick, and he too want's to try that out first hand!

Did Alex Faux ever do a fisting scene?

Sure would love to see Alex Faux taking a fist in this position!

Puppy Davey demonstrating the Easy Squat and Hung Toys

The Punchy Proctologist with Wrex Wylde and Ashley Ryder

Pushing back, grinding onto it, squatting down upon it, Dr. Ashley can't get enough of Wrex's long slender arm filling him up. Soon Ashley’s red rosebud makes an appearance.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The new Hung Sport

The Hung Sport is a handle and toy stand in one. You can use it as a handle alone or with a partner. Used as a stand you can ride your dildo or butt plug hands and care free.

Inside Out with Gr8HoleofChina andJay

Gr8HoleofChina invited Jay over for some prolapse stuffing...

Suspended with Puppy Davey - video

Download the full video from MyDirtiestFantasy

Custodian of the Hole with Ashley Ryder and Derek Cline

When it's the custodian's turn for a little extra attention, Derek Cline bends over Ashley Ryder. It doesn't take long for Ashley to demand, 'Fist my hole already!' Derek fulfills Ashley's request and fills Ashley's tight ass with his fat fist.

The Punchy Proctologist with Ashley Ryder and Wrex Wylde

Dr. Ashley is the studly sphincter specialist who knows it’s good to find hard help when you’re in need of a new medical assistant and the rigorous initial interview process includes a thorough probing and rectal examination given to Wrex Wylde.

Joder with Chucho Martin and Axel Abysse

Chucho invited Axel over. Waiting on his knees, he's ready for a shaky ride.

Suspended with Puppy Davey and The Puppeteer

Davey is already at his masters feet, who's using him as a foot rest, but little does he know how south things are going to go! The Puppeteer knows exactly what he wants from the boy, and he for sure gets what he wants, as soon Davey is sucking on his already hard dick, The Puppeteer, with only a few words has Davey doing just what he wants. Soon the control is going to be higher, as Davey is tied with both his arms up in the air, leaving his naked torso on display for the Masters pleasure. This for sure won't go unmissed, as The Puppeteer whips the boy and even uses a nerf gun to shoot the boy! Just as the boy thinks that The Puppeteer has finished with him, he's tied back up, suspended, and leaving his ass on display for his master to use!