Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ass of Steel with Rogue Status and Dakota Wolfe

In perfect position, Dakota Wolfe's tasty ass fills the frame while harnessed Rogue Status fills him with a humongous black dildo the size of a soda can. Dakota's insatiable asshole eagerly consumes it as Rogue easily continues to pummel his hole with faster and faster strokes, punishing Dakota's hole as streams of lube flow out. This extensive toy play is just the warm up preparing Dakota for Rogue's tatted forearm to be firmly planted deep in the darkest corners of Dakota's guts. Twisting deep and punching fast, Rogue kneads Dakota's hole with ferocious demand while watching the pleasure he's giving the piggy bottom.

Download Ass of Steel here.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can't get enough of Mickebttm93

So here is my favorite pig Mickebttm93 again. This time he is playing with a giant horse dildo Chance.

Brian Bonds destroys Armond Rizzo's hole

Brian Bonds is eager to test Armond Rizzo's anal limits and Armond is willing to show just how much he can handle. Taking the signal, Brian dives in and pumps his juicy cock in and out of him. Brian's huge knob is not enough to satisfy Armond, so Brian crams one of the biggest dildos ever seen into Armond's eager ass. Armond lets out a gasp as Brian fills his hole to capacity, and slides the massive toy past his threshold taking the entire dong with ease! After pummeling his hole, Brian pulls the dildo out of Armond's smooth ass leaving it covered in lube and Armond feeling stretched and satisfied.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This is my new favorite asswrecking toy!

Length 32 cm/12.6 inch
Diameter 11 cm/4.33 inch