Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Abysse part 2 is there!

Tatted hottie Bruce Bang spots Axel Abysse pawing himself and pounces at the opportunity to join him. After some heavy tongue swapping and stroking each other’s bulges, Axel bends over and Bruce hits his knees to get a taste of Axel’s rosebud. With his hole stimulated, Axel needs to fill it, so he plunges his own fist as deep as it will go. Axel’s hole winks, signaling Bruce to dig in as well. Bruce lubes up his fists and goes to town, switching fists back and fourth, opening up Axel more and more with each stroke. Axel takes Bruce’s hefty fist doggy style and on his back spread eagle. Just as a true pig would, Axel reaches into his hole and spreads it apart to bloom his ruby red rosebud for Bruce. Tongues turn into fists when Axel glides his hand deep into Bruce’s gaping ass. Bruce screams and moans, as Axel handball’s his eager hole with abandon. In an acrobatic 69, Axel Abysse stuffs his hand into Bruce Bang as Bruce drills Axel’s hole with his fist from behind. Switching positions, Axel bends over and lets Bruce rearrange his insides as he bounces on his fist. Axel returns the favor and mounts Bruce’s hole switching from fist to fist leaving his hole wide open. The hunks reach climax when they lay back and jerk out their loads onto each other.

Download this video here.

Watch the Abysse part 2.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Slut Butt - Matt Wylde is back

Anyone who has crossed paths with this one knows...

He's hungry for men, for dick, for fists, for whatever you want to put in his holes. Matt Wylde comes back to Studfist with his ass ready for punches and loads!

We love sluts.

Click to dowload Slut Butt.

Watch Matt Wylde and Amerifist at Studfist.

The Abysse threesome

Seamus O’ Reilly is stacked on top of Brian Bonds atop a padded fuck-bench. Jacob Peterson takes turns rimming both hunks smooth holes. Jacob gears up with some gloves and lube and puts one fist in Brian and the other in Seamus. Like the good sex pigs they are, they take each punch that Jacob gives them. Switching positions, Brian and Seamus bend over the fuck-bench next to each other while Jacob has them to ride his fists. When they’ve had enough, they sit and send all three of their loads rocketing into the air.

Download scene 9 of The Abysse 1.

Watch this scene with Brian Bonds, Seamus O'Reilly and Jacob Peterson.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Balls Deep

This shit is over the top! 

Cory & Dyn0 went to a party. After 4 or 5 drinks we were suprised to see Ashley Ryder right in front of us with a big smile on his face.

It took all of 90 seconds before plans to spreads Ashley’s hole were under way and exit strategies devised. 

Back at the room it was game on as soon as the door closed. Camera on, clothes off! Tongues, cocks, dicks, toys and fists went into Ashley who asked for more and more!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Ashley Ryder is back at Studfist

So glad that Ashley Ryder is back in a total piggy scene at Studfist. With Cory Jay and lotssssss of nasty rosebud play!