Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Power Bottom’s Tricks of the Trade with Felix Brazeau

This is the kind of shoot you always enjoy. Marko Lebeau and Felix Brazeau were hanging out one Sunday afternoon and chillin’. The subject soon turned to sex and Marko recalled Felix’s beginnings with Men of Montreal and how no one would have thought that he would become such an insane power bottom.

As Felix was explaining that it all came to be when he was prepping for his first scene as a bottom and was practicing with dildos and butt plugs to expand his hole, and said how he enjoyed it, Marko got the idea of shooting this solo of Felix demonstrating how he no longer only plays with toys to prepare but also for the pure enjoyment he gets out of it.

So out came the cameras, lights and toys, and in came hairy and bearded Felix’s spontaneous show of talent.

Watch the scene here at Men of Montreal.

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